DRACO packaging design among the best realizations of Croatian design

October 28, 2020

Packaging system design for DRACO Ltd. was included in the selection of the best biennial realizations of Croatian design for the period 2018 and 2019, in a competition of approximately 500 submitted works.

The author of the design is Lana Cavar (art directorate, graphic design), and the collaborators are Andrijana Culjak (brand architecture), Natasha Chandani (design), Narcisa Vukojević (pictogram design), Lana Grahek (design and layout) and Tamara Karoly / Kaligraf (post break) -production).

Description of the project in the words of the design author:

DRACO is a leading Croatian manufacturer of waterproofing solutions for private and professional users. The brand architecture was created with a starting point in the already existing logo, relying the entire product portfolio on that master brand. The packaging design is designed as a simple system that can be easily adapted to all packaging needs, different formats and different printing techniques, keeping in mind the competition and the rather rigid rules of the product category. Over 100 different products packed in more than 15 different types of packaging were realized. Product features are communicated for this purpose by a designed pictogram system.

The exhibition is available at: