Balcony waterproofing

Learn how to adequately and efficiently waterproof balconies.

Our DRACO GARD systems will protect your balcony for a long time, efficiently and quickly, without additional expensive ceramic works.

Balcony waterproofing over tiles

Balconies are often parts of buildings requiring proper waterproofing for the long-life expectancy of the entire building. A too small inclination is the main reason for difficulties with waterproofing. When the building is finally built and in use, ordinarily the owner does not want to replace existing ceramic tiles on account of problems with moisture, hence the only solution is to use the DRACO GARD 600 transparent coating over the existing tiles which prevents water from passing between the tile grouts.

Surface preparation

As the coating is transparent the most important component that affects the final appearance is good surface preparation. Over time, the outer surfaces “pull” a solid layer of dirt that needs to be removed in detail, and this is best done with dilute construction acid.

  • The acid should be washed with water and neutralized with soap, which is again rinsed with water.
  • Thoroughly clean the entire surface to be protected. Pay special attention to joints and joints. Remove oil, grease and similar contaminants.
  • Ceramic tiles should first be cleaned with dilute acid (a common cleaning agent for construction work), then rinsed with clean water under pressure.
  • The surfaces are then washed with ordinary soap (kitchen soap) and washed again with water. Use DRACO® PRIMO 600 primer. Apply the primer with a clean cloth without leaving puddles (apply as if cleaning the surface). The surface on which the primer is applied should be completely dry.
  • The primer dries very quickly and after only 15 minutes the substrate is ready for the application of the waterproofing coating. DRACO® GARD 600 is applied with a short-haired roller in one or two coats, immediately after applying the primer. DRACO GARD 600 is very easy to apply to the entire surface.


A clean polyurethane coating that does not turn yellow over time and protects surfaces from standing water, detergents and discoloration due to UV rays is the best choice for proper and long-lasting waterproofing. It binds perfectly to almost any substrate and does not change the appearance of the substrate.

With the development of construction chemistry, we have created materials that are extremely easy to apply, and at the same time provide long-term protection against water, regardless of the atmospheric and mechanical influences to which they are exposed. GARD systems will protect your terrace efficiently and quickly and allow you to enjoy them, without additional expensive ceramic work.

Balcony waterproofing under the tiles

Balcony waterproofing – the final decorative layer