Basement crack repair

If you have a leaky basement, then you need to repair cracks that can reduce the functionality of the facility. In cases where there are active water intrusions, they must first be stopped. After that, the crack can be closed along its entire length. Closing damp or wet cracks by grouting can prevent further water penetration into the building. Crack waterproofing also prevents subsequent corrosion of the reinforcing steel..

What is most important in the repair of cracks in basement

When repairing water penetration, it is first necessary to stop the water. After that, the crack closes permanently. DRACO FIX 100 instantly prevents the penetration of water through concrete and masonry structures, it’s used to block local water flows, repair works during waterproofing, and sealing cracks.

It is important to mention another important item, to get a smooth and solid surface of concrete, for the application of waterproofing products, without prior preparation is almost impossible. There are always various places of segregation and holes from the spacer. These are often surfaces that have been damaged by the ravages of time or from which it is necessary to remove the existing topcoat.

Depending on the condition of the substrate and the scope of work, the surface can be repaired with DRACO FIX 100, DRACO FIX 120 cement mortars, and DRACO FIX 110 quick-setting binder. DRACO FIX 100 cement putty is applied in a thin layer on various, external or internal surfaces smoothing the substrate.

Use only quality materials and pay the waterproofing the attention it deserves. DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your homes, offices and premises safe and comfortable to live in.

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