Basement waterproofing

We bring you a list of solutions for long-lasting waterproofed basements and underground structures.

Whether it’s waterproofing basement walls or floors, repairing a damp basement or repairing cracks, find solutions to your problems below.

Wet basement interior repair

If you’re bothered by damp walls in your basements that you can’t fix from the outside, keep reading.

Due to the problem of absorption and lifting of moisture from the surrounding soil, basements in older buildings were usually not used for permanent residence of people but only as an auxiliary space. However, with time, people started using basements as living spaces, which introduced heating and closing of windows.

Moisture, humidity, flooding and as a consequence, mold and destruction of the foundations, happens due to inadequate or poor waterproofing. Very often it’s not possible to remediate the underground walls from the outside due to the environment, neighborhood, buildings, or similar reasons. Then the only solution is to perform interior waterproofing solutions.

How to properly repair a damp wall from the inside

The very appearance of water means additional pressure on the structure, which can cause the separation of the waterproofing coating inside the building if the item of additional pressure is neglected.

The following are the steps that will lead you to a successfully repaired exterior wall.

  • Before starting work on waterproofing the interior walls of the basement, make sure that the walls are completely dry. Polymer-cement coating DRACO LASTIC 150 is a highly flexible, two-component cement-based coating, modified with a polymer emulsion.
  • Use primer DRACO PRIMO 100, which strengthens and stabilizes the substrate, promotes better adhesion of the waterproofing coating without the possibility of separation. In addition to horizontal surfaces, applying the coating is easy on vertical surfaces.
  • The coating over the expansion joints and the joints of the horizontals with the verticals must be reinforced with DRACO BAND 110 expansion strips which are immersed in the first layer and completely covered by the second. Internal waterproofing will provide excellent protection for your basements from groundwater.

The basements of the building are exposed to all forms of water that occur in the soil, such as leachate, capillary and groundwater. When we notice on the constructed building that water has found its way through the structure, and the execution of waterproofing on the outside of the building is disabled, the only solution is to perform waterproofing of the inner surfaces of the basement with polymer-cement coatings.

Use only quality materials and pay the waterproofing the attention it deserves. DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your facilities safe and comfortable to live in. This way the internal waterproofing provides excellent protection against groundwater.

Interior waterproofing of basement walls

Exterior basement waterproofing

Basement floor waterproofing

Basement crack repair