Carpentry sealing

Prevent water from entering the structure with our waterproofing systems.

Use the DRACO FLEX 525 polyurethane putty and solve the problems of poor joints, poor sealing and cracks.

Sealing around carpentry

Quality and efficient thermal insulation and built-in carpentry greatly contribute to a significant reduction in energy costs, but the same applies to joints on the facade and around windows and doors.

Often there is a need to seal different joints on buildings, whether it is a joint of two of the same or different materials. As materials with different thermal characteristics behave differently under the same weather conditions, their joint is a potential point of penetration of water and moisture. In addition to joints, the critical places are various cracks in the material caused by stress on the structure.

Prevent water from entering the structure

Polyurethane putty DRACO FLEX 525 can solve the problems of poor quality joints, poor sealing and cracks and thus prevent the penetration of water into the structure. The putty is easy to apply on almost any primer without primer, resistant to microorganisms and aging, and is elastic.

It is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications over a wide temperature range. It comes in white and gray, and it is possible to paint it with polyurethane paints. Due to increasingly stringent environmental requirements, but also constantly rising energy prices, good insulation of your home is becoming an increasingly important element, both in design and construction, and in the subsequent regular maintenance.

Joints should be properly sealed to prevent the penetration of cold air in winter and warm air in summer, and the penetration of water due to rain and snow, into the interior of the building, which not only damages the walls, but primarily increases heat loss.

Use only quality materials and pay the waterproofing the attention it deserves. DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your facilities safe and comfortable to live in.

Sealing of air conditioning installations, various installations and chimneys