Concrete protection

Limit the water absorption of the concrete while maintaining its original vapor permeability.

Our products protect all concrete surfaces to maintain their appearance and function in the long run.
Detailed descriptions of solutions that include the use of concrete paints and impregnation can be found below.

Impregnation for concrete

Most have encountered the problem of moisture penetration into the interior of residential or commercial premises, which is probably due to poor waterproofing or even lack thereof. Sometimes we forget how most building materials are porous in nature and leave them unprotected.

The porous structure of building materials and the ravages of time show all the ability of moisture to completely degrade the material in a constructive and aesthetic sense. Impregnation of the material creates an invisible barrier that prevents the penetration of water with all its harmful effects. Impregnations can be surface or deep.

Protection of concrete structures

Modern architecture places new demands on the protection of concrete structures that are often directly exposed to atmospheric influences. The porosity of concrete is lower than that of natural stone, and it depends on the porosity of the cement stone, the granulometric composition and the quality of the concrete installation. Although with a lower proportion of pores, concrete is also subject to weathering, salt action, freezing, chloride diffusion and other harmful effects that can cause reinforcement corrosion and concrete deterioration, thus reducing the durability and usability of the entire structure.

In order to protect such structures, silane-based products such as DRACO SHIELD 150 are used, which is a high-quality hydrophobic impregnation for the protection of concrete structures such as bridges, viaducts, stadiums, buildings and elements made of natural concrete. The product aims to penetrate the substrate more than 10 mm and thus create a hydrophobic surface without changing the external appearance.

The surface treated with DRACO SHIELD 150 will have a significant reduction in water and chloride absorption while retaining the original vapor permeability thus extending durability and improved resistance due to the freeze and thaw cycles. The coating is applied to a clean and dry surface. It penetrates deep into the concrete, thus preventing the deterioration of the material and the penetration of water. UV is resistant, long-lasting, vapor-permeable and does not change the appearance of treated surfaces.

The basic protection of concrete is its hydrophobization, ie limiting water absorption. There are more and more concrete surfaces in and around your house that should be covered with impregnation to maintain a beautiful appearance and not be damaged. DRACO SHILED systems are designed for just that.

DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your facilities safe and comfortable to live in.

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