Flat roofs

Read how to waterproof roofs, key elements of any space.

Exposed to permanent negative effects, flat roofs and concrete roof slabs need to be waterproofed properly and on time.

Flat roof waterproofing

As a key element of our living space, the roof provides us with lasting protection and security. Flat roofs are exposed to permanent negative effects such as water and moisture, UV radiation, weather changes, acid rain, mechanical wear, and temperature changes. To maintain the quality of life in our apartment, house, or building, the layers of the roof must be designed to prevent the passage of harmful effects into the building. The most harmful external influence is precipitation, and choosing adequate waterproofing and its proper performance, solves this problem successfully.

Waterproofing above the thermal insulation should be performed by raising the attics (parapets) of the roof to ensure sufficient height. The TPO membrane is pliable and easily adaptable to all the demanding details that can occur on the roof.

Flat roof waterproofing was most often performed with the help of bitumen, the main disadvantage of which is its structure sensitive to natural temperature cycles. This would mean that in summer, at high temperatures, its melting point would be reached, and in winter, due to the great cold, the bitumen would be brought to the brittleness phase. Above the bitumen, as a final layer, materials such as gravel or gravel, ceramic tiles, concrete or cooler slabs were used, and often the bitumen itself with or without sprinkles would remain.

DRACO PLAN roof TPO membranes

To avoid all these problems, the solution is DRACO PLAN roof TPO membranes. There are a number of reasons to choose them. Resistant to all types of precipitation and UV radiation, well tolerates all temperature oscillations, works independently of the substrate, resistant to chemicals from rainwater and bird droppings, homogeneous compounds and environmentally friendly.

When waterproofing a flat roof, we most often use DRACO PLAN 150 as there are many advantages of this product.

  • TPO membrane DRACO PLAN does not contain any plasticizers or halogens, which provides complete protection of the building from climatic influences, without negative environmental impacts, while maintaining the same thickness throughout the service life.
  • The TPO membrane does not require a separating layer between itself and the thermal insulation.
  • The TPO membrane is specially formulated for long-term exposure to UV radiation and resistance to the weather.
  • TPO membrane DRACO PLAN is produced at once (lining and reinforcement of polyester mesh) which enables exceptional adhesion of components and quality of materials.
  • TPO membrane is a product that combines the best characteristics of EPDM and PVC and was created by their evolution, without the shortcomings that these materials showed. Thus, TPO has UV and heat resistance like EPDM, and is thermally weldable like PVC.
  • TPO membrane DRACO PLAN is white, far more favorable in terms of energy efficiency of the building during operation because they are far less heated than a darker membrane.
  • In case of fire, the TPO DRACO PLAN membrane has no effect on health.
  • Due to the differences in the dimensions of the TPO membrane DRACO PLAN, a smaller number of fasteners are used during installation.
  • Millions of square meters of TPO membranes in thicknesses from 1.2 mm to 2.0 mm have been installed in Croatia and around the world.

This waterproofing system has been used successfully for decades. The membrane is simply attached to the substrate with suitable fasteners. Where the wind vacuum is higher, at the corners and at the edges of the roof, the fasteners should be placed denser than in the middle of the roof where the vacuum is lower. The membrane must always be attached at the place where the roof surface “breaks”, e.g. code denivelation, bay, dilatation, etc.

As we mentioned, TPO membranes are easy and quick to install. They can be installed all year round because they withstand extreme temperature oscillations. Proper and quality roof waterproofing will protect your building for many years.

Remember to properly waterproof your roof. Use only quality materials and pay the waterproofing the attention it deserves. DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your homes, offices and premises safe and comfortable to live in

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