Green roofs

All there is to know about waterproofing green roofs can be found in our solutions below.

Green roofs retain collected water inside their layers, so make sure to protect and waterproof them in an adequate way.

Extensive green roofs

Extensive green roofs are used for family and residential buildings. They are most suitable for those facilities where people rarely walk on the roof surface. They are mostly found there for maintenance. That is why light vegetation that does not require daily maintenance is ideal for extensive roofs.

Since it is a standard multi-layer design, the extensive green roof has multiple layers for different functions such as vegetation growth, filtration, and drainage. There is a drainage layer to drain excess water, and a filter layer is placed between the substrate and the drainage layer. An extensive green roof or its final layer in which the vegetation is planted should be 5-15 cm thick. Florist experts recommend avoiding excessive diversity of the plant world to simplify the care of the entire vegetation and to make sure that all plants have similar moisture needs. During the dry season, the green roofs will turn brown, but with the rain, they will come to life again. Extensive green roofs are the easiest to install and are very often installed on existing roofs. Depending on the other characteristics of the roof, a green roof can add 4-15 kilograms of additional load per square meter.

Extensive green roofs waterproofing

Under the green roof, it is necessary to install a waterproofing system for water and moisture. The waterproofing system protects the building from the penetration of water and moisture that are present in green roofs practically constantly and all seasons. Such a roof is more durable than usual but requires very precise and high-quality execution of waterproofin. Possible remediation of such existing roofs is more demanding and expensive, as all the top layers must be removed.

In such cases, the excellent solution is the TPO membrane DRACO PLAN 150.

  • High-quality ecological single-layer waterproofing membrane made of synthetic rubber, energy-efficient reflective white color, strong resistance to UV rays.
  • The membrane is fully reinforced with polyester mesh. The upper white layer is characterized by very high resistance to precipitation and UV rays while the lower, black layer is characterized by high mechanical resistance.
  • It is connected by hot air welding, and is intended for use in all climatic conditions.
  • The DRACO® PLAN 150 membrane is not exposed to stresses during production and is completely protected, without the risk of water penetration.

Green roofs turn the roof surfaces into a green oasis and return to nature a part of it that has been taken away by construction. With extensive roofs there is less worry, drains should be inspected, weeds weeded, plants fertilized or replaced.

It is especially important to take care of waterproofing solutions and protect your green roof properly. Use only quality materials and pay the waterproofing the attention it deserves. DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your homes, offices and premises safe and comfortable to live in. 

Intensive green roofs

Planter waterproofing