Grouting tiles

What to choose between cement and epoxy grout? Find the answer below.

We bring you a series of tips that include the correct application of grouts and the DRACO GROUT product line that will meet all your expectations.

Cement concrete mass

Ceramic tiles are a favorite material when furnishing interiors and exteriors because they are extremely durable and aesthetic floor covering is easy to maintain. Cement-based grouts are porous, and this porosity varies depending on the additives and the amount of water in the mixture. A certain degree of water repellency can be achieved by adding additives, but this does not provide complete watertightness.

Choose the most suitable grout

The choice of the most suitable cementitious grout is influenced by the basic properties of the coating, the width of the joint, the type of load and the time from execution to application. Cementitious grouts are an excellent choice for terraces, balconies and other floor coverings, but they also have very good efficiency and durability in wet rooms if the waterproofing system is properly and qualitatively executed.

DRACO® GROUT 150 is a one-component, high-quality cement-based grout, with fine fillers, for joints from 0 to 4 mm wide. DRACO® GROUT 155 is used for joints from 2 to 15 mm wide. The use of special additives resulted in a water-repellent grout, with a long service life and a reduced possibility of the formation of molds and fungi. DRACO® GROUT 150 is suitable for grouting all types of ceramics and natural stone, for indoor and outdoor use, and for floors and walls.

Application of grout

  • Before starting work, check whether the working conditions are favorable (temperature and humidity).
  • After gluing the tiles to a flexible adhesive, such as DRACO BOND 120, it is important to wait at least 24 hours for grouting the floor tiles and 6 hours for grouting the wall tiles. The substrate to be jointed must be solid, free of loose parts, grease, oil and dust, and dry. Remove crosses and all loose parts and any glue residue from the joints.
  • Mix the contents of the DRACO GROUT 150 can with 25-30% water using a mixing attachment on a drill. The grout is never mixed by hand. Apply the mass with a rubber trowel until the joints are completely filled, and then, pulling vertically, remove the rest of the mass from the tiles.
  • After the initial drying (finger touch test) which depends on the substrate temperature and the width and depth of the joint, remove the excess material with a clean moderately wet sponge that should be rinsed as often and thoroughly as possible. 24 hours after grouting the floors are passable for light traffic.

The most common mistakes in grouting are insufficient filling and hardness, cracks and discoloration of the joints.

The DRACO GROUT product line is suitable for grouting all types of ceramics and natural stone, for indoor and outdoor use, and for floors and walls.

Use only quality materials and pay the waterproofing the attention it deserves. DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your facilities safe and comfortable to live in.

Epoxy tile grout