Bathroom waterproofing

Renovating a bathroom is an important project that requires good thought and considerable financial resources. Replacing plumbing, sanitary ware and ceramic tiles is just one part of the story. The second part, but no less important, is the waterproofing of the bathroom.

Waterproofing is essential in order to prevent the penetration of water and moisture into the floors and walls of our home, thus preventing damage to the building and preserving its aesthetic appearance. Lifting parquet or falling off parts of plaster, putty and paint from the walls testify to the lack of waterproofing or its poor performance. The most effective principle is to prevent the penetration of water into the layers of screed and walls by installing waterproofing under the final coating, most often made of ceramic. With this method of insulation, waterproofing coatings are regularly used, to which the final coating is glued directly.

Use of waterproofing coating

DRACO LASTIC 150 is a new highly flexible, two-component waterproofing coating. It is the optimal choice for waterproofing bathrooms. It is resistant to standing water, low and high temperatures and to continuous thawing and freezing cycles. It is characterized by quick and easy application, as well as adhesion to all types of materials used in construction. It is very important to note that DRACO LASTIC 150 can be applied, for example, to existing ceramic tiles, ie it is not necessary to break them before installing the waterproofing, which greatly facilitates and reduces the cost of repair. In addition, the new ceramic tiles are glued directly to the DRACO LASTIC 150.

It is important to note that the substrate must be prepared so as to remove any impurities and loose parts. All irregularities should be smoothed with repair mortar. If the substrate is porous, it should be moistened, but there should be no lying water.

When the substrate is prepared, it is necessary to mix both components of the DRACO LASTIC 150 waterproofing coating using a drill with a mixing attachment.

When insulating larger floor surfaces, it is necessary to make a full-surface reinforcement so that the DRACO BAND 220 reinforcing fabric is immersed in the first layer of coating.

Completely performed waterproofing of wet nodes ensures their long-term carefree use.

DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your facilities safe and comfortable to live in. If you need the help of our experts, do not hesitate to reach out to us!