Mold and fungus on the wall

Harmful phenomena in residential areas are a thing of the past with our products.

Ensure yourself and your loved ones the stay in a healthy space with DRACO CLEAN 600, an anti-condensation coating for cold surfaces that prevents the formation of fungi and mold.

Mold and fungus on the wall

Fungi, mold and damp stains on the walls, caused by condensation of water vapor, are the most common harmful phenomena in residential areas. Moisture on the inner surfaces of the walls and non-flowing air are required for the development of these microorganisms.

The source of moisture is the steam we produce by breathing and sweating, as well as that produced in kitchens and bathrooms. In contact with the cold walls, the steam turns into droplets that moisten the layers of paint and plaster, making them an ideal base for the development of fungi and mold. The installation of PVC joinery, which achieves almost ideal sealing, also encourages the development of fungi and mold because the exchange of external and internal air is prevented, and this prevents the natural drying of wall surfaces.

Until now, fungi and mold have most often been removed with chlorine-based agents or chemical solutions whose task was to poison them. Apart from the fact that such chemical solutions are harmful to human health, they act only on developed microorganisms, while their spores remain intact, so the process of removing fungi and mold had to be repeated every year because it had no long-term effect.

The solution is DRACO CLEAN 600 – a fungus and mold remover and DRACO SHIELD 600 – a protective anti-condensation coating for cold surfaces that serves to prevent the formation of fungi and mold.

Application of DRACO CLEAN 600

  • Spray the surface with fungus and mold with DRACO CLEAN 600 and leave it on for 24 hours. Do not dilute the product.
  • Mechanically (with a “spatula” or sandpaper) remove fungi and mold from the walls. The substrate must be sound, without swollen or fallen off parts of the paint, without traces of salting and without organic material.
  • Dilute DRACO SHIELD 600 with 10-15% water and apply it to the cleaned surface with a brush or roller. The product can be applied to an existing paint. When the first coat is dry, apply a second coat. If the appearance of mold and cold bridges is pronounced, apply a third layer.

Living in a mold-filled space is not healthy. Mold can cause breathing problems, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, or in the worst case scenario, an asthma attack. Mold can also “give” your space a specific, unpleasant odor. Fungi and mold, using DRACO products, are a thing of the past!
With our systems, ensure yourself a healthy home!

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