Protect swimming pools from the harmful effects of water and pay attention to their waterproofing.

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Swimming pool waterproofing – final layer of ceramics

Waterproofing in construction means a complex of works aimed at equipping effective protection against moisture. Swimming pools are no exception. They must be protected from the harmful effects of water.

The slightest crack or any other defect will become a serious threat to the entire structure. Under the influence of moisture, even microscopic defects quickly turn into a serious problem. Therefore, it is very important to prevent contact with water and the walls of the building.

The pool is, regardless of the purpose, a water tank and should prevent damage caused by leakage through the AB structure of the pool. For a pool with final ceramic tiles, it is important to install waterproofing on the bottom and walls of the AB pool shell, before installing the tiles, to prevent water penetration into the structure, which over time causes corrosion of reinforcement and degradation of concrete.

Due to the specific composition of the water in the pool (chlorine) and the requirements for the health of the waterproofing, a two-component polymer coating DRACO LASTIC 150 is used, which is characterized by:

  • high elasticity
  • waterproofing and compatibility with all cement adhesives
  • drinking water certificate.

To enable better adhesion of the substrate coating, DRACO PRIMO 100 primer is applied, which additionally strengthens and stabilizes the substrate. The coating must be additionally reinforced with sealing, elastic tape DRACO BAND 100 / DRACO BAND 110.

The tape seals the contact of the bottom of the pool with the walls, the wall with the wall, the treads and the front of the steps and the steps behind the wall, it is immersed in the first layer of coating, and the second is completely covered.

Waterproofing is necessary to protect the concrete structure from groundwater and the water in the pool bowl, resulting in significantly extended life of the structure. That is why you should pay the waterproofing the attention it deserves.

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Pool waterproofing with epoxy coatings – decorative finish