Protection of stone surfaces

Avoid the appearance of moisture in the interior of your residential and commercial premises.

Stone is a durable and almost indestructible material that gives buildings a contemporary note of the past. Learn how to properly protect it and preserve its aesthetic properties.

Stone cleaning

In order for the stone facade to provide protection to the building and retain its aesthetic properties, the stone needs to be impregnated with hydrophobic preservatives. Impregnating agents should be waterproof and vapor permeable to allow the surface to breathe. Before impregnating stone surfaces, it is necessary to clean them using an appropriate agent for removing dirt and grease.

DRACO products for removing impurities

DRACO CLEAN 100 is a new generation product for removing impurities. Used for cleaning polished stone. DRACO CLEAN 110 is a product for removing scale, dirt and grease. It is used for cleaning stocked stone. Both products are ready to use.

Most outdoor spaces have concrete floors without a finishing, protective layer or stone floors where it is the stone that needs to be protected. They are exposed to the daily effects of atmospheric influences, which can result in the destruction of materials due to the freezing of absorbed water and the formation of stains, mosses and lichens due to the absorbent impurities.

In order to preserve the original appearance of concrete and stone floors and prevent water with all impurities from entering the structure of the material, a hydrophobic coating DRACO SHIELD 110 is used, which impregnates the surface and repels water and oil-based liquids. The coating is UV resistant, vapor permeable, harmless and long lasting. It does not change the appearance of the treated surface and allows for easier maintenance.

Before applying the coating (impregnation), the substrate must be cleaned with DRACO CLEAN 100 / DRACO CLEAN 110. DRACO CLEAN 100 is used for cleaning concrete surfaces and polished stone, and DRACO CLEAN 110 for cleaning stocked stone. The product is easily applied with a spray and rinsed with water. DRACO SHIELD 110 impregnation is applied to the cleaned and dry surface until saturated.

Stone cleaning may seem like a complicated or demanding job, but, with DRACO CLEAN products this is not the case. With our systems, you will easily and quickly clean all stone surfaces.

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Impregnation for stone