Tile adhesive

Choose the right tile adhesive and enjoy your choice for many years to come.

Tile adhesive ensures long-term quality bonding of ceramics and substrates in all conditions of use.
We bring you tips for the proper application and use of our DRACO BOND systems.

Exterior tile adhesive

Ceramic tiles are an indispensable element of furnishing the space in which we live and which we use. They are installed in interiors and exteriors, on floors and walls, in residential and public spaces, in swimming pools, on squares and sidewalks.

Features of ceramic tiles

High compressive strength, resistance to chemicals, dimensional stability in temperature oscillations and fragility are the characteristics of ceramic coatings. Tile adhesive is a connecting element of the final ceramic coating with the substrate. Its task is to ensure a long-term quality connection of ceramics and substrates in all conditions of use.

DRACO® BOND 120 is a flexible cement-based adhesive with mineral fillers, extended open time and slip resistance on vertical surfaces. It is used for gluing ceramic tiles to floors and walls indoors and outdoors.

This type of adhesive is easy to apply and process, does not slip on vertical surfaces and bonds without significant shrinkage. When applying the product, the substrate must be flat, mechanically strong, free of loose parts, grease, oil, dust and other ingredients that may prevent sticking.

The following are the steps for properly applying DRACO® BOND 120 flexible adhesive:

  • level any surface irregularities with a repairer, DRACO® FIX 130. Cement substrates must be 28 days old. Gypsum substrates and anhydrite screeds must be completely dry and treated with DRACO PRIMO 100 primer.
  • apply DRACO® BOND 120 to the substrate using a notched trowel to ensure complete coverage of the back of the tile. The tiles are placed on fresh glue and must be pressed firmly in order to make adequate contact with the glue.
  • to install ceramic tiles with an area larger than 900 cm2 (30 cm x 30 cm), apply glue to the back of the ceramic tiles.

For exterior tiles we can also use DRACO BAND 150, a deformable cement-based adhesive with mineral fillers and polymers. The choice of an unsuitable adhesive, regardless of whether it is a low-quality product or an adhesive whose characteristics do not meet the requirements with regard to the type of ceramic, substrate and installation position, leads to construction damage. Very quickly, the ceramic tiles glued in this way dry out or completely separate from the substrate.

By using the DRACO BOND product line, you have chosen excellent materials for work that will not disappoint you in any way. DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your facilities safe and comfortable to live in.

Interior tile adhesive

Adhesive for large format ceramics