Tunnels and bridges waterproofing

Learn all about waterproofing tunnels, bridges and viaducts below.

Well-executed waterproofing plays an important role in the prevention of damage on tunnels and bridges.

Tunnel waterproofing

Buried underground structures such as tunnels are exposed to the action of seepage water through the ground above the tunnel. In addition to traffic, tunnels can have different purposes. As every building, exposed to moisture, is waterproofed, and in the case of tunnels, it is mandatory to perform waterproofing to prolong its durability and enable uninterrupted and safe use.

PVC membrane DRACO PLAN 207 is a flexible, non-reinforced waterproofing membrane that easily adapts to the conditions of tunnel construction. It is characterized by high resistance to microorganisms and roots and excellent flexibility and mechanical properties.

How to properly install the PVC membrane

DRACO PLAN 207 is a two-color waterproofing membrane highly resistant to puncture, excellent mechanical properties, which is easily welded with hot air, even a few years after installation.

It should be noted that before starting work, the substrate should be dry, clean and free of ice or snow. Debris, sharp objects, etc. they must be removed by careful sweeping or vacuuming before installing the membrane. The membranes are joined with hot air welding equipment.

  • It is installed with PVC washers via geotextile on the treated surface of the tunnel before performing the final AB envelope. The membrane rolls are welded at the joints, and the weld itself is made as a double “seam”.
  • As an additional safety, waterstop tapes are installed which form cassette fields. Each cassette field is equipped with injection valves through which it is possible to inject the field in case of suspicion of water penetration or damage to the PVC membrane.
  • Injection is performed via injection boxes placed in accessible places. After the installation of the membrane, the reinforcement is laid and the AB sheath is made in segments.

For quality performance of works and full functionality of waterproofing, it is necessary to pay attention to a thorough inspection of the substrate and the structure to be waterproofed. In order to prevent potential damage after the construction of the tunnel, the quality waterproofing of the building plays an important role, therefore, contact our experts and ask for professional help without hesitation.

Use only quality materials and pay the waterproofing the attention it deserves. DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your facilities safe and comfortable to live in.

Bridge waterproofing systems

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