SPLIT, 2017.

Business towers Westgate, Split

Business towers

Two business towers in a combination of glass and white verticals opposite the blue horizontal of the Kastela Bay completely change the view of the town under Marjan. Monumental but elegant towers, at the western entrance to Split, under the modern facade “hide” several buried floors. The reliability and functionality of the buried parts, which are at the same time the carriers of the high skeleton, are waterproofed by the built-in DRACO waterproofing systems.

Value for the client

The towers that won the European award, the Oscar for real estate, have been recognized by the largest hotel chain in the world, which is a clear indication that the tourism of “The most beautiful city in the world” has a bright future. The construction of the project itself employed over 300 workers of various professions, and it is estimated that the entire complex will employ 2,000 people in the future. In addition to jobs, the built facilities represent an urban transformation of a neglected part of the city on the edge of the industrial zone.

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