Concrete rehabilitation

Concrete repair problems can be very complex, but in our offer you will find an adequate solution to every problem.

Our solutions include surface and structural repair of concrete, corrosion protection of reinforcement and repair of cracked concrete facades. 

Anti-corrosion protection of fittings

The goal of any responsible renovation is to return the building to its original condition and extend its service life. The threat to the long life of a building is the development of corrosion in its structure. Corrosion of a material increases the volume of the element that that material makes up. In reinforced concrete, an increase in the volume of the reinforcement causes the eruption of the part of the concrete that serves as protection for the reinforcement, which results in a violation of the function of the concrete-reinforcement joint.

DRACO® FIX 190 is a two-component coating based on polymer, cement binder and corrosion inhibitor for protection of reinforcement in concrete structures against corrosion.

For proper application, the concrete around the reinforcing iron should be removed so that DRACO® FIX 190 can be more easily coated around the bars, all damaged concrete removed with appropriate tools and, if possible, the degree of penetration of carbonic anhydrites into the concrete (carbonization).

If there are separate or listed layers of corroded iron, they must be removed. In this case, cleaning by sandblasting or high pressure water is recommended. If this is not possible then effectively scraping or brushing with a metal brush to completely remove the separate parts and any trace of oil, grease and the like.

With new reinforcing iron, it is necessary to remove grease or limescale residues by sandblasting.

Method of application

  • Pour component B into the can and gradually add component A with stirring without adding water. Stir until you achieve a creamy consistency of a product that is easily applied with a brush.
  • DRACO® FIX 190 is applied with a brush of medium hardness of fibers in two coats, with an interval of 2-3 hours, and the ideal thickness of the coating is about 2.0 mm.
  • The applied material adjacent to the surrounding concrete should be applied evenly with a brush so as not to affect in any way the adhesion of the subsequent mortar to the concrete. Application of repair cement mortar (such as DRACO® FIX 120 or DRACO® FIX 140) can be done 4 hours after application of DRACO® FIX 190. If repair is done with epoxy materials, wait at least 24 hours before continuing with the application.

DRACO pays great attention to protecting structures from corrosion – that’s why our products meet high quality standards. DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your facilities safe and comfortable to live in.

Constructive repair of concrete

Surface repair of concrete

Rehabilitation of cracked concrete facades