Water tanks

Protect facilities in a timely manner to make them safe and comfortable to use.

Waterproofing of water tanks, septic tanks and fountains are the solutions that await you below.

Fountain waterproofing

We find fountains in cities, in various squares, as well as in our own gardens. They are, by their nature, some kind of water tanks, which are used for decorative, aesthetic purposes. As we have said, a decorative fountain is primarily an element designed to decorate the surrounding space.

The fountains are simply designed to decorate the space, used in open spaces, where they act as an integral element of landscape design.

Although the fountain can have any dimensions and shape, when choosing them, it is important to be guided by common sense because overcomplicated elements could be very demanding to perform.

The fountain bowl can have a symmetrical or non-standard asymmetrical shape. Also, fountains can be made of several connected tanks. It is important not to forget about waterproofing.

Waterproofing is applied from the inside of the fountain to prevent water from penetrating the structure. Due to the aggressive action of water, the selected waterproofing coating must be resistant to various influences.

Polymer – cement coating DRACO LASTIC 150 is characterized by:

  • waterproof, vapor permeable and excellent flexibility
  • The coating is easy to apply and with the help of DRACO PRIMO 100 primer, which strengthens and stabilizes the substrate, better adhesion of the waterproofing coating is promoted without the possibility of separation.

In the case of fountains, we can also use pool paint as a waterproofing and a final decorative layer. Long-lasting and aesthetically attractive waterproofing coating is epoxy paint DRACO POOL 800. The coating is characterized by excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, quick and easy application and a certificate of health. In this case, you can even choose what colors your fountain will be.

DRACO waterproofing systems are designed precisely to make your facilities safe and comfortable to live in.

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Water storage tank waterproofing

Septic (black) tank waterproofing